Help Us Reclaim Tax On Your Donation

Make your generous donation go even further!

If you’ve donated €250 or more to Barretstown inside a year, firstly thank you very much for your invaluable support, and secondly through helping us reclaim tax on your donation it’ll be worth even more to us. Just a few moments of your time could mean millions to us and help us bring more kids and families to Barretstown.

Here’s How Easy It Is

Barretstown can claim a substantial tax refund that is available from the Revenue for donations from generous donors  that give €250 or more in a year, and pay income tax under the PAYE system ONLY.

This refund can only be claimed in respect of the PAYE-only donor. It sounds complicated, but it is simple to do and the form is quick and easy to complete. This year many Irish charities have come together to highlight how important this form is. We have decided to call it The Good Form, because it can do so much good, and because it’s so painless to do.

Click here for The TAXBACK GOOD FORM and simply fill it in and send it to us at Barretstown Castle, Ballymore Eustace, Co Kildare.