Med Shed Appeal: The Flanagan Family share their Barretstown story

Alice on her confirmation before diagnosis
Alice on her confirmation day before her diagnosis

After all the sickness and treatment, if you want to feel normal again, Barretstown is the place to go.  It made me a lot stronger as a person.  Alice Flanagan

Without our Med Shed, children like Alice couldn’t come to Barretstown.  The Flanagan Family share their Barretstown story with us, and highlight the vital role played by the Barretstown Med Shed.  Please donate today so we can bring even more children living with cancer and serious illness to experience the magic of camp.

Alice was twelve and a half and just starting to find her independence, when she was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, Ewings Sarcoma, in the spring of 2014.

For Alice, and her whole family, life changed forever…

She went from being an independent child dancing three times a week, and getting her first phone that Christmas, to a child who was totally dependent on us.

Alice had a bad reaction to her initial treatment. The first six weeks were the toughest. Alice’s cancer diagnosis came at a critical time in her life. She was almost a teenager.  Aside from losing weight, the chemotherapy treatment made Alice lose her hair and her body image.

Alice at home after 5 weeks in hospital
Alice at home after 5 weeks in hospital

She had long hair which started to come out after her first chemo treatment.  It started to mat at the back of her head, so we got a hairdresser to come to the hospital to cut her hair, which was difficult for Alice.

 Then she didn’t want to look at herself in the mirror when she got her BROVIAC line in, and her PEG tube into her tummy.  It was a very difficult time from her early diagnosis…she had lost her body image.

Even when Alice started to get better, her parents could see that their strong, ambitious and outgoing daughter had had her confidence knocked out of her because of cancer.

Alice came to her first Family Weekend Camp at the end of August 2014.   Alice’s parents believe wholeheartedly that Barretstown helped give them their child back …

The Flanagan Family at Barretstown
The Flanagan Family at Barretstown

We had our Alice back! She was very outgoing and confident, and she had lost that. But Barretstown made her happy again. Her smile came back, and life became good again.

Without our Med Shed our camps wouldn’t happen. And children like Alice couldn’t come and experience the magic of Barretstown.

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Med Shed
Changing room in the Med Shed
Welcome area in the Med Shed
Welcome area in the Med Shed


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