Barretstown Research

Research and evaluation has shown that Barretstown has helped to rebuild the lives of children affected by serious illness, and their families, through our life changing Therapeutic Recreation programme in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

Barretstown Research

Barretstown Research

Barretstown will look after the physical and emotional well-being of an ill child by creating a carefree and safe, medically supported environment where they can make new friends, share experiences - and continue their treatment if they need to.

The Barretstown programme is endorsed by leading medical professionals and has become internationally recognised as having a profound and positive impact on the lives of children with serious illness.

“As patients are diagnosed, their belief in life, world, self and mortality takes a knock and self-belief is a vital component of the treatment and recovery process. Barretstown empowers these children to regain confidence and restore some normality in their lives.”
- Dr. Michael Capra, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin.

Barretstown Research Principles

Barretstown Research Principles

Barretstown is committed to conducting and supporting research and evaluation that will contribute to the development and delivery of Barretstown’s own programmes and to the development of understanding in the area of childhood illness.

Barretstown welcomes proposals from postgraduate students conducting research as part of their academic training, as well as from professionals interested in developing their understanding of the area. Appropriate supervision must be in place for all student research.

Research may include evaluation of camp and medical programmes internal to Barretstown or closely affiliated with the organisation. It may also include explorations of the experiences of families affected by serious illness and the experiences of staff involved in supporting these families.

Where research is conducted by Barretstown in collaboration with others there will be a collaborative approach to developing, implementing and dissemination the findings, with both parties consulted throughout the process.

All research projects should work within relevant legislative frameworks including data protection and legislation relating to consent. This will relate to the process of gathering, analysing, and storing data.

All research projects should work within ethical principles and concepts such as those developed by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

For further information please contact the Operations Director at info@barretstown.org or by calling +353 45 863115

Research into Barretstown and the profound effect that it has on people’s lives can be seen in the below attachments. If you have any queries in relation to research in Barretstown please contact us at the following email address  info@barretstown.org