Host your own Big Picnic!

Bring Barretstown into your home this June by hosting your own Big Picnic!

Host your own Barretstown Big Picnic and spread the magic

Host your own Barretstown Big Picnic and spread the magic

Why not host your own Big Picnic this June and help fundraise for Barretstown's therapeutic programmes? Register to Host Your Own Big Picnic, sponsored by Brady Family, and get a special picnic pack to download including recipe and games ideas, voucher for Brady Family and the first 250 people to register will get their very own Brady Bear!

Register to Host Your Own Picnic 🐻
Picnic Inspiration

Picnic Inspiration

There are lots of reasons to organise a picnic this June and reconnect with family or friends … here are just a few :

- Teddy bear picnic for the kids
- Kids birthday party
- Adults’ birthday party 😊
- Catch up with the girls
- School picnic party to celebrate the end of year
- Get your work gang together for a lunchtime picnic
- A special occasion such as an anniversary

Any excuse really… we all love a good picnic!

Support Barretstown


Setting up a fundraising page for the Barretstown Big Picnic is easy and it means that friends and family can donate online and you can keep track of sponsorship. Donations will be sent directly to Barretstown, making it the most efficient way to raise funds for this event!
You can set up a JustGiving fundraising page in a few simple steps:
1. Click the link below
2. Click ‘Start Fundraising’ on the right hand side of the page
3. Share your fundraising page easily with friends and family on social media, email and text.
4. Invite people to your picnic event and ask them to give a donation to attend on your fundraising page.
5. Enjoy the picnic!

Set up JustGiving page

Fundraising tips for all the family

Donate to Feel Great – Invite your friends to a picnic at yours. Ask them to make a €10 donation to attend and you’ll supply all the picnic goodies for the day.

Bring your own – Invite friends and family to a picnic and ask them to all bring something. You all make a donation to support Barretstown & to swap treats.

Donate your birthday – Whether it’s your birthday or your child’s birthday, why not host a picnic to celebrate. Instead of presents ask your friends to give the gift of Barretstown to a child with serious illness by making a donation in your name.

Big Picnic Games & Crafts

We have lots of fun games & crafts for you to make the mot of your Big Picnic at home, simply download the activity sheets below! ...

Barretstown Big Picnic Open Day - 2023

Barretstown Big Picnic Open Day - 2023

Make sure you join us for the biggest picnic of all, the Barretstown Big Picnic Open Day! This family fun day is open to everyone, and is free to attend.
Keep an eye out for updates on our 2023 Big Picnic so you don't miss out on some Serious Fun!

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