Donate your Wedding Favours

If you are getting married, why not consider making a donation to Barretstown in lieu of wedding favours.


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Thank you for thinking of Barretstown at this very special time.

Your support will help bring more children affected by serious childhood illness to camp.

If you would like to make a wedding donation there are different ways you can do so, have a look!

Ways to donate

We have the following options available to you in terms of donations and favours:

  • You can display lovely Barretstown tent cards at the dinner tables letting your guests know that you have made a donation to the charity in lieu of giving wedding favours. There are different pricing options available.
  • If you wish you can give your guests the option to make a donation to Barretstown in lieu of giving you gifts. We can set up a special code for your guests and track all donations for you. We will also thank them for you.

Thank you so much

On behalf of all the children and families we serve, again thank you so much for thinking of us at this very special time.

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