What is Swim a Mile With A Smile?

The Ian Daly Swim a Mile with a Smile is a charity fundraiser in aid of Barretstown and Crumlin Children’s Hospital.  It is to takes place in the National Aquatic Centre on the 3rd and 10th of May. The event may be moved to a later date so watch this space! Organised by Brian & Laura Daly in memory of their son Ian, this event has been going strong since 2004.

In 2019 participants helped raise an amazing €25,000.  To date the Daly family have raised an amazing €607,000 for the two charities since the event began 16 years ago

Take on the challenge in 2020, not only will it make you feel fantastic but all funds raised will go to help more children, like Ian, to experience the magic of Barretstown.

When is the event taking place?

This event is due to take place on the  3rd and 10th of May, or during any time that works for you.

The event may be moved to a later date so watch this space!

Where is the event on?

The National Aquatic Centre, or any pool of your choice in Ireland.

Are you a school interested in taking part?

Every year,  schools up and down the country take part in this fantastic event.  It’s also a great event for Transition Year students to take part in and create a memorable TY year.  There is also a six-week training programme available for those who want to build up their fitness and swimming ability ahead of their sponsored swim.

Still Have Questions?

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