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Barretstown is a place where families come to reignite joy, and to forget the troubles and pain that comes with serious childhood illness. For most people during Christmas time, it is a time of great joy, but for others, it can suddenly become a nightmare. One family who experienced this is the Richards, when in Christmas 2019, their son Seán suddenly became seriously ill with Cancer. We would really appreciate it if you could read their story below to find out just why our work at Barretstown is so important.

Sean's Story

Sean's Story

Life for the Richards Family was turned upside-down right before Christmas 2019, when their son Seán, who was just two-years-old at the time, was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. This rare form of bone cancer had materialised itself in a large tumour by Sean's brain stem.
For Mum Mebh and Dad JP, it brought their worst fears to life. Then when the Covid pandemic arrived just a few short months later, not only were they struggling to cope with the awful reality of a serious illness in one of their children, they were thrust into isolation, cut off from the support network they so desperately needed.

Seán's Treatment

“Seán had a massive eight-hour surgery in Temple Street to remove the tumour. And afterwards, it was like he’d been in a car accident. He didn’t walk for 6 weeks, he barely spoke and was just so upset and distressed all the time. He couldn’t understand what was going on. And you couldn’t explain it to him. He was only 2. Then he was transferred to Crumlin to start a 14-round course of Chemo, which was horrifically hard on him. And on Muireann too. She was only 4 then” – Mebh, Sean’s Mum

The light at the end of the tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel

Thanks to the expert treatment Seán received, this incredibly brave boy finished his final round of chemo in February 2021, and he is now in remission. But the journey to building back up his strength afterwards was slow. He has been left with long-term challenges. for two years, it had been relentless hardship for Seán and his family. The Richards family needed something good to brighten their lives after such dark times. That is where, thanks to the support we receive from people like you, Barretstown comes in.

I want to sprinkle a little magic! ✨

Read Mebh's own words as she explains the impact of Seán's illness on their whole family, and how Barretstown was a light for them in the darkness.

Mebh's Letter 💚

Barretstown is a safe place for families like the Richards, where they can forget about the pain they've experienced due to serious childhood illness, and just get back to having fun. Our Therapeutic Programmes are transformative for chidlren and adults alike, as they build confidence, and instill hope again for each member of the family. With your support, we can continue to change lives at Barretstown. Will you sprinkle a little magic this christmas and support us?

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