Family Camp

Family camps offer families a supportive environment where families can spend quality time together - supported by a medical team on site should their child require medical attention over the weekend.

Family Camp: An Introduction

The family weekend camps mainly take place during the spring and autumn months. Family camps mean the whole family can come together to Barretstown to enjoy our activities and programmes. Families stay together in one of our cosy cottages, you may be sharing with another family but you will have your own rooms and bathroom.

Each family is allocated a volunteer Cara who helps families settle in and make the most of their weekend at camp. During the day there are activities groups for children and separate ones for parents, as well as family challenges.

All meals are served in our dining hall, there is a fridge and tea/coffee making facilities in your cottage. Arrival time for family camp is from 2-4pm on Friday, and departure time is 2pm on Sunday.

A typical day at camp

  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Cottage time
  • 11:00 Family Challenge
  • 12:00 Family Challenge
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Rest hour
  • 15:00 Activities - age appropriate groups
  • 16:00 Activities - age appropriate groups
  • 17:00 Cottage time
  • 18:00 Dinner
  • 19:00 Cottage time
  • 20:00 Evening programme
  • 21:00 Cottage for younger children/adult or teen lounge
  • 22:00 All back in cottages

Remember: this schedule will vary depending on whether it is a Summer, Family or Bereavement Family Camp

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Take a Tour

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Camp calendar

Spring 2017

17th - 19th February

Spring 1 -2017 (UK, Ireland)

24th - 26th February

Spring 2 - 2017 (UK, Ireland)

10th - 12th March

Spring 4 - 2017 (UK, Ireland)

24th - 26th March

Spring 5 - 2017 (UK, Ireland)

31st - 2nd April

Spring 6 - 2017 (UK, Ireland)

21st - 23rd April

Spring 8 - 2017

5th - 7th May

Spring 10 - 2017 (UK, Ireland)

12th - 14th May

Spring Jack and Jill Foundation Charity Partner Camp (Ireland)

Summer 2017

24th - 27th August

Summer 7 - 2017 (Ireland)

Autumn 2017

15th - 17th September

Autumn 1 - 2017 (UK, Ireland)

22nd - 24th September

Autumn 2-2017 (UK, Ireland)

29th - 1st October

Autumn 3 - 2017 (UK, Ireland)

6th - 8th October

Autumn 4 -2017 (Ireland)

13th - 15th October

Autumn 5 - 2017 (Ireland)

3rd - 5th November

Autumn 8 - 2017 (Ireland)

17th - 19th November

Autumn- Charity Partner Camp (Ireland)

24th - 26th November

Autumn- Charity Partner Camp (Ireland)

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