Camper Leadership Programme

The Camper Leadership Programme (CLP) is a leadership programme for previous campers. It’s designed to teach the group life skills that can be used outside of camp and help rebuild confidence and encourage peer support.

What is this camp?

The programme is not designed to train teens to be future staff members. CLP stands for Camper Leadership Programme.  The programme is run over two sessions.  A summer session lasting 7 days and an Autumn weekend lasting 4 days.

At Barretstown we offer previous campers the opportunity to return and take part in the Camper Leadership Programme (C.L.P.). The programme runs over two sessions. Summer 2 and kids camp in autumn.The main focus of the programme is to teach life skills that can be used outside of camp in whatever avenue they decide to go down.

Although some of the time will be spent focusing on the skills needed to work at camp it is not the primary purpose of the programme. The Camper Leadership Programme will work on developing trust, active listening, teamwork, communication and problem solving among other skills all within a setting that encourages teamwork. The process by which we develop these skills in campers is through experiential learning. The C.L.P’s will take part in tasks and initiatives which will require working both together and independently. Through taking part in these
tasks and reflecting on them afterwards they will learn more about each other and themselves. They will observe how teams work together and how their input and attitudes can affect the outcome of a specific task.

All your questions answered!

All your questions answered!

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(Please note the goal of this programme is not to create future staff members but to create future leaders).

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