Camper Leadership Programme

The Camper Leadership Programme (CLP) is a leadership programme for previous campers. It’s designed to teach the group life skills that can be used outside of camp and help rebuild confidence and encourage peer support.

What is this camp?

The programme is not designed to train teens to be future staff members. CLP stands for Camper Leadership Programme.

The programme is run over two sessions.  A summer session lasting 7 days and an Autumn weekend lasting 4 days.

All your questions answered!

How do campers get in to the programme?

Like all the staff, campers who wish to become part of the Camper Leadership Programme have to apply for their position and submit two written references. Then they will either complete an interview or a questionnaire. They put in a lot of work to get this position and it means a lot to them.

Where will we stay?

You will be assigned a cottage and will stay on site for the whole session.

What are we going to do?

The CLP has its own separate schedule. The group will be participating in some leadership based activities focusing on trust, active listening, teamwork, support, communication, group management, problem solving and will be given more responsibility for themselves. At times throughout the week they will participate in some activities to have the ‘fun’ element of camp and help out at evening programmes and entertainment.

In the autumn camp we will focus role modelling, more advanced leadership skills and also some shadowing so the teens can see what goes on behind the scenes at camp.

What is the benefit of doing this?

Campers who take part in this programme will learn so many new skills as well as improving those you already have. These skills can be used in whatever direction and path you decide to take during and after school. You will make some great friends and have a good laugh along the way. Lots of teens your age have gone through the programme and gone on to do great things.

I’m interested. What do I do now?

Talk to Mitch and get the process moving!

(Please note the goal of this programme is not to create future staff members but to create future leaders).

Contact Mitch

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