Cabin Fever Challenges!

Fundraising Ideas in a socially-distancing World!

Stuck at home? Let’s keep the Barretstown magic and laughter alive!

Firstly….thank you for deciding to fundraise for Barretstown!

Because of C-19, we’ve been very busy re-scheduling / re-formatting all that Barretstown does, as you can see HERE.

But fundraising events have had to be cancelled / re-scheduled so we need to re-think how we do that too!

And we need your help!

You maybe have your own ideas for what you can do / run to help fundraise for us while we’re all on lockdown, but we have a few suggestions too, so check them out and let’s keep the magic of Barretstown going! YOU are now our virtual fundraising ARMY!!


Whether it’s hosting a virtual family board-games night or a Facetime/WhatsApp/Zoom coffee-morning or brunch with pals you would normally meet up with …why not brunch for Barretstown?

Our camps and programmes give children more confidence, self-esteem and the reassurance that happiness is not just for healthy children.

Barretstown helps children just be children, whatever their circumstances and pour as much healing laughter into their lives as possible!

And all this happens because of amazing fundraisers and supporters like YOU!


We also have a brand new Community Fundraising Group on our Barretstown Facebook page, that you can join if you would like to get further inspiration or recruit help or inspire others with your event or ideas! You can join up HERE

So….what’s it going to be?

Are you up for sharing your musical talent online and giving everyone a lift and doing it as a much needed fundraiser for Barretstown?
We're asking you to

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Between now and the end of July, we are asking YOU to climb a mountain for us...virtually!
...with your stairs, walks and jogs....
It's simple, fun and healthy!
Sign up!

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This online challenge is making a come-back!

Why not see how many push-ups you can do in a day?
Or do it as a team challenge with your family or team-mates?


Missing your Friday night out with your mates?
Why not host a virtual pub night!

Catch up and have a laugh with your friends from the comfort of your own homes.
Use any of the video-chat apps and decide on a quiz-master and work those brain cells!

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Missing the dancefloor? Missing your Zumba class? Your children are missing dancing with their friends?
We may not be able to do ‘group’ things at the moment but we can still dance!!
Why not set up a music session on Twitch or ZOOM and ask people to donate to join?

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Invite all the family (or all your friends!) to meet online and play a board game together!
You can chip together and donate then via the website ‘DONATE’

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Share a Zoom Yoga Class and make a group donation or individual.

Or set up an online yoga session with your friends or colleagues and ask people to donate to join?


Why not set up a street bingo evening within your community?
Gather some prizes from neighbours and local businesses.
Set a date and time and let all the neighbours know.
It's a fun way to connect your community and raise valuable funds for Barretstown!


Going for a walk every day or a run?
Put magic in your miles !

Now is the perfect time to use your daily exercise to help those that need it most.

Why not challenge yourself to do a marathon in a month?
And do it as a fundraiser for Barretstown!

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Missing friends and family?
Send them a virtual hug and support us at the same time!

Please share the link below on your social media and amongst friends so they know they can share a virtual hug for Barretstown!


You may have a different idea....
Or a version of one of these here...
And you would like to figure out how to do it!

Click below to see our simplest checklist and get going!

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We can help!

We can help!

Got a different idea but just not quite sure how to make it happen?

The community fundraising team have helped hundreds of people organise events and reach fundraising targets.
We are only a phone call or an email away so please get in touch if you need any advice or help at all.
Call Fiona and Lisa-Marie in the community team on 045 864115 or email the link below.

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