Community Fundraising Challenges!

Fun fundraising ideas for this Summer and Autumn!

Over the last 2 and half years, COVID-19 has severely impacted fundraising for Barretstown. With so many of our regular events postponed or cancelled, we had to rethink how we do things... and we're asking for your help!

Now is the time to get creative, pull together and start your own fundraising challenge/event this month and help us to continue to provide our life-changing services to families in need. There are loads of great options for you to safely fundraise for Barretstown! Host an outdoor challenge or divide larger groups into smaller teams competing? Take on a 10,000 steps-a-day walking or running challenge? Host a virtual games night or start an online coffee-morning with friends or colleagues; run around your local area and compete against your colleagues or take to the airways and Busk for Barretstown. There are so many ways you can raise vital funds, safely and in a way that's fun but also impactful!

Below are just some examples to get you started.

So….what’s it going to be?

Why not set yourself a walking target for the month of July or August or even just for a week!
And make it a sponsored challenge in aid of Barretstown!
Just set up a JustGiving or iDonate online fundraising page and spread the word.
It's simple and achievable and really will make a difference.
Do it as a family or a group of friends or a class or office team?
Bring some cheer to the week!

Be part of the Barretstown magic.

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Take on a sponsored silent hour or day in aid of Barretstown!
Set up a free, online sponsorship page on JustGiving or iDonate or use Facebook fundraising!
What about a silent lunch break challenge?
Use social media and post hilarious silent updates throughout your challenge!
Sign up!

Simply set up a fundraising page!

This is a fun way to make a one-week or one-month, group fundraising activity in any setting....
schools, clubs, universities, companies. Even working from home!
Just set up a free online fundraising page on JustGiving or iDonate and get participants to make a donation and share their silly sock style!

Fundraise for Barretstown here

Are you up for sharing your musical talent online and giving everyone a lift and doing it as a much needed fundraiser for Barretstown?
We're asking you to

Use a social media platform to live-stream your busking
(it's simple to set up fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram)
Use YouTube or Vimeo to livestream and post a link to your
JustGiving or iDonate page in the description!

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Why not as an individual, a family, a class, a club or a company.....
take on a stair-climb challenge and climb a mountain for us...virtually!
...with your stairs, walks and jogs....
Or actually take on a sponsored mountain hike/climb
in aid of Barretstown?
It's simple, fun and healthy!
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Challenge yourself, your family, your classmates, your team
to a screen-free day or afternoon and make it a sponsored challenge in aid of Barretstown!
It's not so easy but the best challenges never are!

Just set up an online fundraising page for Barretstown on JustGiving or iDonate and spread the word!
Make a list of all the screen-free things you are going to get done during your no-tech challenge and set the date!

Challenge yourself!


Why not turn your Friday night out (or in) into a fundraising quiz-night, in aid of Barretstown!
You could even organise a virtual quiz night online and invite family members from all over the world!

Catch up and have a laugh with your friends from the comfort of your own homes.
Use any of the video-chat apps and decide on a quiz-master and work those brain cells!

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Turn your zumba or spin class into a fundraiser for Barretstown.
Either ask you local gym or dance school or set up your own sponsored danceathon on your road at home?
It's a great way to connect your community, but also for a great cause!

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Invite all the family (or all your friends!) to meet online and play a board game together!
You can chip together and donate then via the website ‘DONATE’

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Share a Zoom Yoga Class and make a group donation or individual.

Or set up an online yoga session with your friends or colleagues and ask people to donate to join?


Why not set up a street bingo evening within your community?
Gather some prizes from neighbours and local businesses.
Set a date and time and let all the neighbours know.
It's a fun way to connect your community and raise valuable funds for Barretstown!


Going for a walk every day or a run?
Put magic in your miles !

Now is the perfect time to use your daily exercise to help those that need it most.

Why not challenge yourself to do a marathon in a month?
And do it as a fundraiser for Barretstown!

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Calling all cyclists!
Support Barretstown by taking on a Cycle Challenge in aid of Barretstown in 2022!
You will not only be challenging yourself, but you'll also be helping raise vital funds for Barretstown by simply gathering sponsorship from friends, family, class-mates or colleagues.


You may have a different idea....
Or a version of one of these here...
And you would like to figure out how to do it!

Click below to see our simplest checklist and get going!

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We can help!

We can help!

Got a different idea but just not quite sure how to make it happen?

The community fundraising team have helped hundreds of people organise events and reach fundraising targets.
We are only a phone call or an email away so please get in touch if you need any advice or help at all.
Call Fiona in the community fundraising team on 045 864115 or email the link below.

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