Self-Guided Dublin Mountains Challenge - August/September 2020

Self-Guided Dublin Mountains Challenge - August/September 2020

Below is a list of FAQ's that some of you may have around Dublin Mountains Challenge. These are just a brief outline around the event and we would really like to answer any additional questions you might have. Contact the Community Team if you have any questions!

Some of your questions answered!

How much is it to take part?

Registration Fee:  Each Individual = €35

If you are hiking with friends or colleagues as a team, then you all register individually anyway, to get your own app access code.

Additional Fundraising Target:  We are asking all participants to raise an additional €100 which will help us to bring more children living with serious illness to experience our life-changing programmes in Barretstown.

Once registered you will be posted out your free participant info pack, which includes dinner vouchers at finish line and a power-bank for your phone, to make sure you don’t run out of juice on the hike!

What's the entry process?

One person per registration.

Once you register, set up your JustGiving fundraising page please and get friends and family to sponsor your hike for Barretstown!

We’ll email you to confirm your registration.

We then post out your participant info pack.

Start training! 30km (or 42km) hike should not be taken on without training! Hike smart!

Then by 24th August, we’ll email to each registered participant their own, individual access code to the app, which is paired to the email address you used to register.

Then you have from 24th August to the end of September to pick your own day to hike the Dublin Mountains Challenge.

On your hike day, just open the app when you are at the start line in Sean Walsh Park and the app will guide the way!

What age to you have to be to enter?

You must be over 18 to participate in this event.

Is it possible to get a refund of the entry fee?

Unfortunately, the registration fee is non-refundable.

Can I swap routes?

Yes you can change your mind and change between 30 or 42km hike.

Your registration covers you for both distances within the app.

Can I substitute a team member?

Yes you can substitute a team member or if someone has dropped out once that person can use the email link of the person they are replacing. Each access code will have a one-time use-life though so only one person can use each access code to get into the 2020 DMC app experience!

What do I need to bring with me?

Compulsory kit we would recommend:

  • Water and food, sufficient for the duration of the event
  •  Mobile phone, fully charged and extra power-banks and your charger
  •  Appropriate footwear – hiking boots or hard-wearing waterproof runners (don’t wear new footwear; break them in beforehand)
  •  Rucksack
  •  Waterproof top and bottoms and sunscreen…because ‘Ireland’!
  •  Fleece top / mid layer
  •  High-viz vest or some brightly-coloured outer garment (you want cars to be able to see you easily along any of the road sections)
  •  A basic first-aid kit (plasters, dressing-pad for field dressing, anti-insect bite spray)
  •  Hat and scarf / face-mask
  •  if you should wear a med alert bracelet, please make sure you wear it when doing this kind of outdoor activity.
  •  Tell someone when and where you are going and that you will check in with them when you are safely home.

What kind of gear should I wear?

Please bring appropriate footwear: Walking Boots/Shoes, a waterproof top and bottoms.  Hi-viz vests are recommended or a brightly coloured outer garment. You want cars particularly to easily spot you when you are on any of the sections of the route that are along public roads. You do not want to blend in with the hedgerow; it’s better to be seen.

Will the route be marked so we don’t get lost?

The Dublin Mountains Way is a public, way-marked routeway.

There are intermittent DMW yellow-man signs along the route, that you should keep an eye out for.

The app links with googlemaps, to locate you in live time along the route line, which has been superimposed onto googlemaps so you will be able to see yourself moving along the correct routeline, within the app.

We recommend taking regular screenshots of the route ahead of you within the app, as there are different areas of poor phone coverage during the route and it will help to have the screenshot to navigate with; along with the maps we will be sending you and the DMW yellow-man signage along the route.

Are there post-race refreshments?

Feel free to book ahead at either of the finish lines to have some post-hike refreshments and make sure to mention when booking that you are hiking the Dublin Mountains Challenge for Barretstown.

Both Bradys in Shankill (the 42km finish line) and Johnnie Foxes in Glencullen (the 30km finish line) are aware the challenge is running throughout August and September.

Is there car parking available?

Free parking is available in Sean Walshe Park in Tallaght, just beside the start line. Please take note of the closing time of the gate to the park however.

There are other parking spaces available in the Tallaght area.

Information here

How do I get home from the finish line?

Plan ahead for how you are going to get home after your hike.

Organise a lift:

The cheapest, safest and easiest option is to arrange for a friend or family member to pick you up and drive you home or back to your car at the finish line.



There is public transport from both Glencullen and Shankill during the week.

Info here for Glencullen.

Info here for Shankill

and this also for Shankill.



Alternatively, either book a taxi in advance, or call a taxi when you get to the finish line and you are more sure of your timing.

For the 30km finish line at Johnnie Fox’s in Glencullen:


For the 42km finish line at Brady’s in Shankill:

Try : theboroughtaxis

Address: Shankill, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Phone : ( 01 2800444 )

(advisable to book in advance or ring at least an hour before you will actually need the taxi.


If staying in the Maldron while doing the hike, take note that there is free parking for customers and also they have a Lynx system for booking taxis if you would like to book your taxi back from your finish line, via the hotel.



Try : localsouthsidetaxis.ie/

Address: 8 Main St Dundrum Village Dublin

Phone: 01-2988444

Email : info@localsouthsidetaxis.ie

Phone Spec Requirements

Phone Spec Requirements

The App is designed for Android phones and tablets, the iPhone and iPad. It will not work however on Windows phones or Blackberry.
Click here to see the minimum operating system requirements however, so you can be sure you can take on this app-lead challenge!

Still have question's? Get in touch today!

Still have question's? Get in touch today!

We would love to hear from you and any questions that you may have. Contact the Community Team on 045864115 or drop them an email at the below link.

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Sign up! Take the challenge! Support Barretstown and love the Dublin Mountains Way

Sign up! Take the challenge! Support Barretstown and love the Dublin Mountains Way

Don't forget to leave the trail as you found it.
Enjoy our beautiful Irish outdoors safely.

Be safe and visible on road sections and
please be respectful of farm boundaries
and livestock and wildlife.

Don't forget to fundraise!
We need your help in this,
this year more than ever!
Thank you!

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