A Letter to my Cara…

Dear Cara,

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter. I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you’ve done today. You’ve brought me tea, you’ve smiled at me, and you made me laugh when I climbed a tree. When I arrived on Thursday I was a little bit weary of what I should say. You see it’s been a while since I was here and you greeted me with such a cheer.

I wanted to ask if you remember the time we went fishing, did arts and crafts or sat in a canoe and built a raft? You see these memories I hold so dear and thanks to your support you took away my fear. The evening times were so much fun, from game shows to dancing; we had such a laugh and were astonished by magic tricks even if they were a bit daft.

This weekend reunion would not be complete without the celebration of life which was held by the lake when we watched the raft go into the night; as the shooting star flew over the sky, oh what a sight! Applauding our children and celebrating our love was something so special to share with you here.

Again I want to say a great big thanks for giving me this opportunity to catch up with friends and have a good time but also give me this safe place for my thought to be mine. This weekend I will never forget and coming here I will never regret.

A loving family