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Jennifer and her colleagues took on the Dublin Mountains Challenge last year. Here is their story of how the day went.

Dublin Mountains Challenger 2017

2017 was the first time myself and my work colleagues from Willis Towers Watson had taken on the Dublin Mountains Challenge. Being actuaries and naturally risk averse we opted for the 24km option for our first time out. Although we’re quite an active bunch the Dublin Mountains Way was new to us and we were surprised by how quickly our hike took us from the urban suburbs of Tallaght to the heart of the south Dublin countryside. Conditions were in our favour with a dry but not scorching hot day which allowed us to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery around us, not to mention the copious amounts of supplies we had prepared to keep our energy up! We were grateful for the impressive organisation, especially the huge number of volunteers along the way who made sure there was never a risk of us taking a wrong turn and provided us with refreshments. All in all we had a very enjoyable day and all slept well that night! Hopefully it won’t be the last time we make the trek – maybe we’ll take on the 42km next time!

Why not get your company involved and register your interest today by emailing Jane at Fundraising@barretstown.org to find out more

Dublin Mountains Challenger 2017