GSK – supporting Barretstown for over 20 years

How we work together


To date over 350 GSK employees have volunteered and experienced first-hand the magic Barretstown brings to children and their families.

GSK frequently use our fantastic facilities for a variety of events, including the Pharma company conference, the Wheelie Good Cause Charity Cycle in 2015 and the inaugural judging session of the GSK Ireland Impact Awards as well.

Claire Hitchcock, GSK’s Director of Europe and International Community Partnerships explains:


GSK Cycle 2015

GSK’s long-term investment goes beyond giving cash. We see Barretstown as integrated with the business and that there are huge benefits for both organisations. GSK uses the Barretstown site for team building and meetings as well as working with Barretstown on marketing promotions. GSK employees have also provided essential business expertise and training to the Barretstown team.
The volunteer programme has been one of the most successful aspects of the partnership and over 350 employees from GSK have volunteered their time, from participating in team events through to acting as chaperones and translators on the camping programmes. This in turn has enriched their personal experience and created a great sense of pride in working for GSK.”




GSK was one of the founding corporate partners of Barretstown over twenty years ago and since then we have built up an incredible relationship over the years.