How many times have you put money in a bucket…

How many times have you put money in a bucket, filled out a monthly direct debit form or played 18 holes of golf for a charity without really knowing who you might help, how you might help them and what it means to the person whose life you saved.

When we think of saving lives we think about keeping ones heart beating, lungs breathing or nerves connecting. But life as we know it can end in an instant even though all the vital signs are registering as normal and it is under these circumstances that Barretstown saves lives and this is our story of how Barretstown saved ours.

On the 13th of August our little Angel Adam (pictured above) had completed his important work on earth and had to leave us suddenly. He had sun kissed golden skin, big brown eyes, golden locks and soft curly hair and a smile to brighten the darkest of day. Adam was 4 years of age when his spirited flame turned from a fiery red to an eternal blue. Although we still remembered to breathe and our hearts continued to beat we too had died with Adam.

How would we survive? Why should we continue living? What was the point of trying? Adam was gone and the pain was too much to bear. It was the intervention of Barretstown, supported by your generosity that not only saved our lives but that of our children and family as well.

When you support Barretstown you support the upkeep of an estate, all the wonderful professional care staff, the food and out-of-hospital medical facilities for children with Cancer. But may I let you know that this is not your only gift to Barretstown. What makes Barretstown unique and special is the magic that invisibly travels to Barretstown with every wish, prayer, gesture and donation.

It is this childhood magic that saves the lives of all those who visit Barretstown and helps them overcome the devastating consequences of childhood cancer. It is this magic that multiplies with every timid smile, every cautious step and every loving embrace that Barretstown nurtures and grows. It is this magic that is your true gift to all the friends of Barretstown and it is the gift of this magic that we thank you most deeply for.

With Love hugs and kisses,
Jackie, Benji, Harry, Robbie, Molly and Angel Adam