15 years on a camper recalls how Barretstown changed his life

17 years ago when was 13 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, 13 years ago the Malcolm Sargent Trust (now Clic Sargent) sent me on a trip to Co Kildare that has stuck with me ever since! This morning I was telling my little brother who is 12 about what happened to me and explained the … Continued

A lovely story of Barretstown friendship

A lovely story from Lisa Doyle Kinsella, one of our first campers at Barretstown. Myself and my best friend Laura Murphy met in St. John’s Ward in Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin and were one of the first campers to go to Barretstown Camp in 1994! Our bond is so strong that recently … Continued

Thank you for a wonderful Summer

As we waved goodbye to the last of our 707 campers last week we reflected on what was a ‘seriously fun’ few months. Lots of laughter, smiles, courage and bravery from all our campers made it a summer to remember for staff and volunteers, parents, grandparents and everyone who is touched by a serious illness in … Continued

Volunteering: The best way to spend your summer

Rob Pleticha, whose day job is Online Communities Manager for RareConnect at EURORDIS, the European rare diseases organisation, volunteers every year to help children who are living with illness or rare diseases. A short time ago, he spent a week at Barretstown and he’s been kind enough to write for Special Needs Jungle about his … Continued

It helped my little girl to find herself again

Trips to Barretstown went a long way to helping Orna Curley (8) overcome Leukaemia.  Carmel (Orna’s mother) shares her story… Orna had been unwell for a few weeks during June 2009; feeling very tired, no appetite, feeling pain and finally bruising for no apparent reason.  She had been to our GP a couple of times … Continued

How many times have you put money in a bucket…

How many times have you put money in a bucket, filled out a monthly direct debit form or played 18 holes of golf for a charity without really knowing who you might help, how you might help them and what it means to the person whose life you saved. When we think of saving lives … Continued

TV3’s IrelandAM features Barretstown story

One of our campers, Elysha, very bravely went on TV 3’s Ireland AM show to talk about Barretstown. Alysha was joined by her Mum and our Clinical Nurse Manager Eimear Kinsella. You can see the interview by clicking on the link below. http://www.tv3.ie/videos.php?video=50540&locID=1.65.74&page=3

The Light Show

As our beautiful journey is coming to an end, there so many things to remember and acknowledge. Days full of activities and challenges. We all climbed high up and cast to catch a fish. We cooked in silence and saved the Barretstown animals in a safari. We lead each other on a blind hike and … Continued

Fairytale Adventure

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, in a time in the not too distant past, lived a beautiful princess. She lived in a wonderful magic castle in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains. This castle was called Barretstown and what made it so magic and special was that once you came … Continued

A Letter to my Cara…

Dear Cara, It gives me great pleasure to write this letter. I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you’ve done today. You’ve brought me tea, you’ve smiled at me, and you made me laugh when I climbed a tree. When I arrived on Thursday I was a little bit weary of … Continued