Make a Donation in Lieu of sending a present this year and help Barretstown Press Play on childhood for families living with serious illness. With your donation, you’ll receive an official Barretstown Donation Certificate to give someone to highlight just how important your support is to us…

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This year especially, many of us will be looking forward to some quality family time together. If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us all, it’s that family and health are the most important things we could ask for. But for many families with a child suffering with a serious illness, this can be a tough time of year.

Christmas stops for children with serious illness. You can help us to continue to be there for these families, who rely so heavily on our therapeutic camps and programmes, now more than ever. Will you make a donation today, for you or on behalf of someone else in lieu of a Christmas present, and press play on childhood this Christmas?

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